Welcome to Cynic On Wings!

Hello stranger! Winged Cynic here.


Now the reason why I call this blog “Cynic on Wings” is because I try very hard not to let my cynical biases get in the way while reviewing a book. I certainly will let you know how I feel about it, but I’ll also be fair and let you know whether you might like it or not: any book can be enjoyed in the right hands, and I’d like all of them to take wing.

So do peruse this blog and enjoy! I love books that are funny or tragic (or even better, both), I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, The Once and Future King, and The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and I have absolutely no problem dog-earing pages. Just saying. Oh, and I loathe e-readers! I mean, why use a cold, hard machine when you can fondle paper instead?

But that’s it about me, so cheers!

(Note: My frog icon is from Over The Garden Wall. BEST SHOW EVARRRR.)

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