Hi! Welcome to Cynic On Wings.

Now the reason why this book blog is called “Cynic On Wings” is that as a reviewer, I try very hard not to let my cynical biases get in the way. I will certainly let you know how I feel about a book, but I’ll also be fair and let you know whether you might like it or not.

Any book can be enjoyed in the right hands, and I’d like all of them to take wing.


Random facts about me!

I love standalones that are funny and sad.
I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and the Bartimaeus trilogy.
The Once and Future King changed my life. (I love epics!)
Middle-grade books are just as valid as any other.
Dog-earing is okay. Books are to be read, not sterilized.
E-readers suck. Why use a cold machine when you can fondle real paper?
Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and Pocahontas have stellar music.
The Lord of the Rings movies are infuriatingly good.
This blog’s frog icon is from Over the Garden Wall (go watch it!).
Reply 1988 is the best Korean drama ever.

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