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The reason why I decided to call this book blog “Cynic On Wings” was because as a reviewer, I try very hard not to let my cynical biases get in the way. I will certainly let you know how I feel about a book, but I’ll also be fair and let you know whether you might like it or not.

Any book can be enjoyed in the right hands, and I’d like all of them to take wing.

Bookish facts about me!


I prefer standalones to series.

I am world’s biggest mood reader.

Books need to be funny and sad for me to adore them.

I love dog-earing books. They’re to be read, not worshipped.

E-readers sucks. Why use a cold machine when you can fondle real paper?

If you dislike Harry Potter… *rips off friendship bracelet*

Middle-grade is an underrated category. Pictures books too.

My Favorite Books?


Ahhh, my favorite subject. Come, enter!

So as a child, I was birthed into the English language at the age of seven through the very educational Magic Tree House books, and that is when I became obsessed with hunting down chapter books like Junie B. Jones, Jigsaw Jones, The Boxcar Children, and Goosebumps through my library. (Oh, how frustrating it was when they didn’t have the next book available!)

Then enter the stage of my life where my fondness for picture books grew like a monster. Favorites included authors like Christian Van Allsburg (fun fact, I’m from his hometown), Shel Silverstein (The Giving Tree is a masterpiece, and his poems are *mwah*), Kevin Henkes, and others like The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore (I discovered this beauty during college), Strega Nona, The Jolly Postman, and most recently Mr. Willoughby’s Christmas Tree (how delightful this one is!)

Through picture books, I then became voracious for manga, which further helped me transition into English. Fullmetal Alchemist (best twists ever), Beelzebub (hilarious), Immortal Rain (the prequel is incredible), xxxHolic (such a mood), Naruto (my first love), as well as childhood favorites like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon (magical girl stuff was my jam). I read all manga available during my childhood, and it’s a little scary how familiar I am with so many of them.

So by now, I am now a sixth grader, and I have discovered life-long favorites such as Tuck Everlasting (oh, the feels), The Giver (best middle-grade book imo), Chronicles of Narnia, Maniac Magee (underrated), The House of the Scorpion (extra underrated), Old Yeller, Among the Hidden, and the Bartimaeus trilogy (how is this sooo underrated?), My Side of the Mountain, Artemis Fowl, and Cornelia Funke books which I could add to my repertoire of reads that so shaped my worldview and challenged my emotions.

Now as I slowed down in my reading as I entered adulthood, I was thankful to still be able to add masterpieces to my shelf like The Chosen by Chaim Potok (my favorite standalone), The Once and Future King by T.H. White (this changed my life), Six of Crows (literally restored my faith in YA), and beautifully written books like The Song of Achilles and the Winternight trilogy. I had begun to bemoan the lack of well-written books that used to enthuse me as a child, but there still was hope!

In the end though, everything really boils down to Harry Potter. At the age of nine when The Goblet of Fire was the latest release in the series and I still had not transitioned into more mature slash lengthy reads, this fourth book finally managed to cement my love and hunger for reading.

Harry Potter is my first and last true love. The end. ❤️

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