Welcome to Cynic On Wings! This is my book review blog.


Now the reason why I call this blog “Cynic on Wings” is due to the fact that I try very hard not to let my cynical biases get in the way. I will certainly let you know how I feel about a book, but I’ll also be fair and let you know whether you might like it or not. Any book can be enjoyed in the right hands, and I’d like them all to take wing.

So do peruse this blog, and enjoy! I love books that are funny or tragic (or even better, both), I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and I have absolutely no problem dog-earing pages. Just saying. Oh, and I loathe e-readers! I mean, why use a cold, hard machine when you can fondle paper instead?

But that’s about it, so cheers.

(By the way, my frog icon was inspired by Over The Garden Wall.)